Sunday, July 15, 2012

Himpunan Oren A Lemon - Pas Should Take Lessons From Anwar

I was quite amazed to see that, despite all the protests, pas still proceeded to have their Himpunan Oren to protest the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings, with Persatuan Anak Generasi Kedua FELDA (ANAK) acting the role of the organizer, headed by Pas Central Committee member and also candidate wannabe, Mazlan Aliman. It was a sad affair, only 2,500-3,000 pas supporters came, with almost none of the Felda settlers, or their families, attended. (For full article, click here ). It is among the worst failures ever for pas.

Well, looks like pas had to use its own supporters to run this show. Who, in their right mind, wants to be involved? They have tasted the benefits given by Felda. Even the committee members of ANAK had to keep a straight face when Felda handed the settlers a bountiful cheque as a bonus to them. This even made them the joke of the village, or town, or wherever they are. They hung posters stating that they're not enticed by money (Kami tidak teringinkan durian runtuh). Right, rushing to get the cheques, now they're saying that. The next bonus for Felda settlers, let's see if they're lining up again.

Well, there is a time when I have to utter these words, "I told you so." Take a lesson from anwar and how he organize his rallies: always get foreign funding first, then you can use the money to buy protesters and anarchists, which, if can last, will lead to full scale riots. Where were CNN, Fox News, Al-Jazeera and the other medias favored by Anwar? The rally wasn't even given the time of day by the foreign media. Pas should always liaise with the one-eyed agents first before  calling up for a rally. Pas must've forgotten to call up ambiga, suaram, or maybe NED and The Open Society Foundation. Also, make better banners with better slogans; not enticed by money after everybody lined up to cash in the cheques...give me a break. Fulfill all that, and that's how you make a succesful rally.

What's the point of making a rally, claiming to be on behalf of a group of people who are content with what they have benefitted? Maybe pas should really return to Islam and stand on the religion for real? As long as they follow the socialist dap and the jewish sponsored pakatan, they will never be Islamic. But if pas wants to go all the way with pakatan as its stooge, at least learn from anwar. Why doesn't pas just preach to the Felda settlers on being grateful to God on the bountry they received and maybe more in the future, and advice them, with the money received, to set aside a little and help the orphans and the needy to...oh yes, I forgot, it's pas, they just want votes to win the election and has nothing to do with Islam.


  1. Ya lor.. If that guy do retire after politic and became lecturer, all PAS leaders - young and old - can enrolled in his class. I believe he can offer several elective courses such as how to fuck the country and how to fuck both ways.

  2. Whoa! Mighty strong words there,my friend. But it's true, maybe anwar can show them how to actually blow smoke up his candied-ass.


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