Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NWO's Bersih 3.0 - Tears Up Malaysia

It had to happen. How could it not? The sponsors have released the funding, the strategy has been drawn, the agent provocateurs have been paid to provoke riots, tiang chua, anwar and his cohorts have already mastered their acting classes and the spectators have already been tempted with generous cash. Now how can anwar and the ambiguous ambiga ever turn the whole thing around.

Bersih this time has taken the initiative to make this a bit more dramatic, as it has been taught to her. They have a new anthem called "Tears of Malaysia." No, it has nothing about orphans, OKUs, the disregarded senior citizens or even the suffering Palestinians. It's more about trying to get sympathy for their event. It's not much of We Are The World, and worse, the lyrics don't even rhyme. Yes, definitely not an  M. Nasir and S. Amin Shahab collobration. We spent the few minutes with tears in our eyes...yes, we laughed too much There were those who were rolling on the floor, but that's another story. I wish those twits who came with the song and video will come up with something patriotic for a change, and not play to the tune of the New World Order.

There were concerns of why Dataran Merdeka was chosen as the venuw for the caucasian-jewish sponsored program (for full article, click here ). Hishamuddin was quoted as saying that the dirty Bersih program is allowed to proceed, but the issue is now about location. Despite DBKL offering a few stadiums for the location, anwar and ambiga desperately want Dataran Merdeka as its venue. To Hishamuddin and others, we hope they understand that Dataran Merdeka is most strategic for the bersih organizers:

1) To start a nationwide riot, it is easier to spread from an open space. Anwar is really banking on bersih to put him in PM's chair this time.

2) anwar and ambiga have already met with certain foreign diplomats or their representatives (for full article, cleck here ) and sponsors. It will be a better angle to see the "oppression" of the Malaysian government with FRU personnels surrounding the area. If you have that event in a stadium with your own paid supporters, it might look more like a Siti Nurhaliza concert, and I don't think anwar, ambiga or their sponsors want to look like that in front of the whole world.

3) Also, being surrounded by armed forces will give a lot of space for anwar and ambiga to strategize their acting as directed by foreign NGOs. We will definitely see a repeat performance by tiang chua, anwar and, if time permits, mat sapu provoking the police and start taking pictures once the police retaliates. These juicy pictures will be seen around while anwar and his pakatan will try their best to conceal the truth. Hey, anwar wants riot and power, truth is not what he wants anybody to know.

A splatter of anwar's supporters, most of them leftovers from the failed mansuh PTPTN demonstration, have already set up camp at Dataran Merdeka. Most of them are very much engrossed in each other's warmth...and body. I am sure their parents will be proud to learn that their children has perfected the wham-bam-boogie....if only they learned something useful for their intelligence. Safe to say, anwar's sponsors are very happy that, despite the majority of the blinded students are Muslims and Malays, they have no qualms about embracing "human rights" such as pre-marital sex and experimenting homosexuality back to pun intended. Do some of them even know that some of them were set-up by sexual advances to be involved in the NWO-sponsored event? Of course, the students know that they committe no sins because pas is behind them. Maybe it's better than having anwar behind him/her. Pas' deliberate "about turn" from religion, not even voiving out the vice happening at Dataran Merdeka only goes to prove how blinded they have become with anwar's pocket. Or is it fear? Well, anwar did kick-out the once-most-influential ulama faction from pas...

anwar is facing problems bersih 3.0 is approved by the government, making it a legitimate assembly, and this does not sit well with him. His only salvation to make the whole event look rebeliious about location, and even that carries a more devious and selfish agenda of its own. Riots, deception and wishing for a regime change are his game plans with bersih 3.0, just like the doomed mansuh PTPTN demo. He doesn't care about reforms or even the PTPTN, he just wants power, and it doesn't matter if he gets there by riding on people whose agenda is even darker. At the moment, he's riding high on students who have been sponsored to attend the event, although with those kids too busy humping each other do give him a miserable stress. He might just hope that those students' knees might just hold up after all that slam-bam thank you ma'am activities. Bersih 3.0 is his Custer's last stand to be a President without having to go to elections. If bersih turns out to be a dud, then he will have to pray that the west will intervene and place him on the throne.

Maybe my tears will flow on during bersih 3.0. No, not because of the manufactured struggle of bersih or its deceitful music video. I might just cry to see Malaysians, young and old, folled and blinded in one eye by a man whose intentions are dark and selfish. Worse of all, he made his people, whether they're willing or not, tools of an ancient tribe of barbarians to achieve their main objective, Pax Judaica. Bersih is indeed a very filthy program, designed for destruction. With anwar as President of the Republic of Malaysia, the Malays thrown from their pedestal of power, their lands and property, the we will welcome you to The New World Order. Bersih 3.0 has no tears of Malaysia, it only tears up Malaysia.

Oh yes, about students who just hate to be pointed out as wrong? Here's a video below to demonstrate a pinch of what I said. It was recorded at a university during a lecture by Sheikh Imran Hoesin. Imran Hoesin is a noted Islamic scholar and writer who wrote extremely mind-opening books such as "Jerusalem in the Qur'an" and "The 20th Century View on Gog and Magog." For those who have read these books, they might find its strong influence in many, if not all of the articles in this blog. For pas, and the university students who were pointed by him, might find Imran Hoesin as a foe.

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