Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mansuh PTPTN To Bersih 3.0 - Our Money Against The Sponsored

I must say that the surprise is gone. There's no more shocks or suspense. The scripts have been lame, cliched and mass-produced. No, I'm not talking about Malay movies, I'm talking about anwar's strategy.

People like anwar and his one-eyed sponsors such as NED and Open Society must be wondering on what is wrong with Malaysia? And why won't the population explode into a full scale riot for anwar everytime they sponsor a demonstration or unrest? Millions have been spent, but no results has been satisfying. Will the caucasian sponsors finally pull the plug and abandon anwar?

Every unrest has been carefully designed since 1998. Agent provocateurs were surreptitiously planted during demonstrations in order to create the chaos. To generate award-winning sympathetic pictures, they will charge threateningly at the police, and the police retaliates by shooting tear-gas, pictures will be taken to manufacture "police brutality." True to NED's design, everything is news, even if cut yourself while shaving before the rally, it will be used to portray brute force used by the police. I am sure there are plans and directives by pakatan to have those students "attacked" or something similar by "UMNO" to provoke sympathy. It's an all too familiar story by anwar.

University students have always been the target by these foreign NGOs as they have learned the strength and power that these students have to generate impacts and changes in a country. The US in the late 1960s and 1970s had their policies influenced and sway by the university students' movements. Theone-eyed organizations have harnessed its power and used it to their advantage. Now that they have the issue of PTPTN, they feel that the time is ripe to unleash their fury via the students.

The meddling of these foreign NGOs in the Middle East has yielded its results: bloody, chaotic and shattering, but that's the design. The university students play quite a large and significant role in places like Egypt. It is the same plot and script being used in Malaysia by them via pakatan. Let us just hope that it will not end in the same bloody gore that we saw there.

It is quite unfortunate for anwar and pakatan to have only 200 students attending, although half of them is still unverified whether they're there as students and for the money or just for the money. They were cursing at the rest of the 200,000 students who never bothered to attend. There were also those who went there looking for romance and a chance to get laid, but that's another story. So now, while nurul izzah is embarking on an oddyssey to solve the greatest mystery amongs all...yes, whether he has another sister or not...the students are camping at Daran Merdeka, waiting for Bersih 3.0.

There are many in pakatan who feels that bersih 3.0 is unnecessary, but for anwar and his sponsors, there is no turning back. The strategy has been drawn, the money has been allocated, the provocateurs have been trained, and anwar is hoping that this might be the one to lead him to Putrajaya. It will look good for him, being portrayed as being led to the leadership of a country on the shoulders of his paid-people. Wolfowitz, Gore and other accomplices might just sing praises of him for that.

The crux of the matter remains that both demos, Mansuh PTPTN and Bersih have nothing to do with their names. Why do I say that? Simple: looking at the banners and placards of the demos, they reflect nothing about the issue they're supposed to carry. Most of their banners are condemning Najib, his wife, UMNO and BN. Maybe anwar feels that with 200 students extra, he has the momentum to launch a full scale assault on Malaysia for his sponsors.

The things about university students...well, I was at one time too, is that they are idealistic, yet easily manipulated. They can easily be swayed to go against PTPTN but without any clue on the objectives and mechanism on why PTPTN is like that. Of course, there are some who are there for selfish reason like, they know that they're just aberage in their academics and they feel that paying back loans is a pain just like studying. It's always "we want this and/or that" but never considering what the majority wants. They are the best candidate for liberalism and the so-called human rights as they feel that, as university students, they are the smartest people on the planet. These are the students who become tools for these foreign NGOs without realizing it as they are so engrossed in doing what they do instead of studying. Would they ever wake up from the unreal slumber and realize that one of their eyes are blind? Yes, for most of them, but it will be years from now. Many of the university students who became Reformasi activists in 1998/99 have realized what they had done, but then a decade has passed. A few even commented on how they almost destroyed a country for a man with skeletons in his closet. Will the present crop of tumbleweeds at Dataran Merdeka realize? They will, but along the way, they might just be the collapse of the country and play into the hands of pax judaica.

What has happened and what is happening only further proves to us that, these people might be students who could be doing well in academics, but fails to use their brain in the real world. If they succeed in putting anwar on the throne, anwar will be taking care of them for a short time before saying "go to hell" after getting what he desires.

Is there at any time, our tax dollars can ever defeat the money coming in for pakatan via the NGOs? Can our billions of RM ever defeat their trillion of USD? They have the resources to replicate strategies which they succesfully used in other countries, they can hire provocateurs to play racial cards,

religious enmity, dissatisfaction towards the electoral system, the government and even the armed forces. All of this done to ensure cracks in the Malaysian integrity, weakening them so that their plots can move along without opposition. They also hope that there will be a total abolition of ISA asit has been a bane in their existence, making their task difficult.

As taxpayers, we work very hard for our money, and being glad that we have the basic necessity, benefits and infrastructure in the country, we pay our annual income tax. There are other taxes that we pay. All the monies, along with the one collected from other government bodies such as EPF, Petronas etc are used for so many things, such as benefits for the disabled, subsidies, maintenance of infrastructure and many more, including the PTPTN loans given out to those students. So, can the students who are camping at Dataran Merdeka return our money then? If they refuse, go back to your studies then. We expect them to get good grades and go on to become somebody useful, not as tools of the new world order via anwar. I don't care how small the percentage of our tax is involved in PTPTN, I want it back since the students are against it. Why would I want to pay my taxes so that some dimwitted ingrate who ends up being a pawn for the foreign NGOs misuses it?

Bersih organizers claim that Dataran Merdeka belong to the rakyat and not DBKL, in that case why are we letting those who are a proxy and pawns to foreign NGOs with dark agendas rule our hard-earned-tax-RM-maintained area? Even now it's full of students who use our money to do everything but study. We have a right to go to the students' camps and pull out the camps, roll the canvas, turn them up sideways and cram it up their candied behinds. Who gave them the right to ruin our hard-earned money-maintained-area with their sponsored agendas anyway? If they work for money from outside of the country, move there then.

To the students who complaint about PTPTN loans, give us back the money, there are thousands of students out there who wants the place in the university and need the loan. Their money, on the other hand, will flow more from today to Bersih and who knows, to the next General Election.

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  1. free education my ass, where the money came from ?


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