Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Immoral Of The Story Is...

It was an amazing read. There were several opposition MPs who behaved so badly during the installation of the Yang Dipertuan Agong recently. How could that be? With all the foreign dignitaries, and I mean foreign, all prim and proper and on their most dignified during the event, how could we have fellow Malaysians, members of Parliament, acting like monkeys on crack?

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Malaysia is a country rich in culture and tradition, being made up of the major groups of Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other ethnic groups. None of these cultures have ever taught their respective groups to ever disrespect a leader, or an elderly, or in this case, the Head of the Country. Is this the beginning of of the end of Malaysians as we know them? However, I was told that, nobody was really surprised about it.

Pakatan has always been proud to be known as a proxy for certain movements that have been trying to mold the world into the shape that they want. The saying "money corrupts" should have been something they should be aware. When pakatan sold their souls to these foreign powers for fundings and consultancy, they inadvertently sold everything that they own.

Look at pas, for example, so afraid of being cut off from anwar's bottomless pockets, necame a pariah in the Malaysian politics where Islam was thrown out in favor of anwar's design of a so-called negara kebajikan, up to a point that they become so toothless to make any stand against anwar's pro-Israel statement. They even let their balls be cut off by anwar when he ousted the ulama faction from the party. Anwar knows that the ulama faction of pas has always been influential, and they stand in the way for anwar and his sponsors in their grands design for Malaysia.

With haji hadi having his guts wrenched by anwar, the latter ensures pas is ruled by anwar's equal: mat sapu. Mat sapu, scandaous and lacking in anything Islamic had his victory ensured by anwar and his cohorts. Now we have the vice president of pas, who usurped somebody's wife in the past, going around talking about how great the communists were...ironically, communists worked hard to extinct any religion from their countries, including Islam.

I can't say much about dap, as they have always been socialists...that's a spin-off from communism, but with money as religion. Morality? Well, when dap ruled Perak, they ensured that the Malays were sidelined when it comes to land distribution. When they fell off the pedestal, suddenly you can find dap leaders quoting the Qur'an to the Malays. PKR? Well, with anwar at the top of the party and chinadolls and at the back of somebody, I rest my case.

Anwar has always tried to be liberal in so many ways; he has adapted an American presidential style of campaigning, a western-lifestyle-inspired approach of politics, such as supporting Israel instead of Palestine, saying yes to apostacy and supporting Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals (not surprising, ain't it?) & Trans-genders. Anything that the west promotes, anwar has embraced it. Whether it is because of his principles or pre-requisite for the foreign-fundings is anybody's guess.

Let us look at the morality of these foreign hands that hide behind pakatan. The caucasian jews have long been at work, reshaping the world. Was World War 2 and the killing of 60,000 jews or a bit more in Europe worth it? Yes, they got Jerusalem. Who says crime doesn't pay...for them, at least. Konrad Adenaeur Foundation (KAF), the International Republican Institute(IRI), National Endowment for Democracy(NED) and Open Society had their offices raided in Egypt and arrested. In United Arab Emirates, they were kicked out. The unrest in the Middle East were instigated by these groups. How high are their morals if they start bloodshed between Muslims, or even between the same ethnic groups? But that's what they're doing here. We have seen Muslims going against Muslims, and if this goes on, we'll just be South East Asia's very own Palestine.

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The moral of these immoralities is, the incredibly bad behaviour of the opposition MPs during the installation shouldn't even be suprising to us. When they embrace the foreign NGOs agenda, their morality went out the window. Let's face it: how Malaysian and/or how Islamic are you if you embrace agendas set by people whose intentions are for the worst for Malaysians and the Muslims. Anyway, didn't we learen from hadiths that, during the end of days, there will be leaders who are both immoral and ignorant? I guess, their behaviour at the palace is a prelude to what's coming up next. We shouldn't even worry how bad their behaviour was, we have to worry more on what these people with bad behaviour have in store for Malaysia, on behalf of their western masters.

P.S.: They will only be on their best behaviour if people like Obama is in front of them, or Benjamin Netanyahu.

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