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Sacrificing The Nation's Independence For A Few Dollars More

So what's the big deal about anwar and his pakatan coming up with a new flag to replace the Malaysian Jalur Gemilang, a new constitution and even a new national anthem? They are, after all, proponents of the politics of hate...well, maybe that's why Malaysians hate them. It's too easy for them to device all of short, they did not come up with those, their sponsors did.

We do understand why pakatan want to do so in many levels. I mean, why would pakatan want to follow something that has been established by the forefathers of independence? Yes, it was the Perikatan (precursor to Barisan Nasional) who were responsible for the creation of the flag, national anthem and constitution, and pakatan can never stay quiet with that fact. They would want something that "they" alone created...well, maybe something to appease their paymasters as well.

Of course, at the moment, their excuse will be that everything was made by the British...still, it is much better than having them made by pakatan's sponsors who Malaysians will have to bow to and sacrifice their freedom once they are in control.

For years, we have seen anwar asking for funds from various countries and organizations. There has to be reasons why he was begging for forgiveness from them over the Freedom Flotilla incident in US. We have seen how Singapore officials, during by-elections travelling with Pakatan bigwigs and even participate in the jewish-sponsored bersih 3. They have to be there, they need to look after their investments. Is it surprising to see that the so-called "new flag" resembles Singaporean flag? Or do we still wonder why the racist DAP's logo still resemble their master, PAP of Singapore's logo? Maybe we can finally figure who actually designed the flag? Who never knew that Singapore is the South East Asia base for CIA (and other organizations linked to the one eyed)?

On a very rare occasion, I was corresponding with the Editor of, an alternative news media organization about a month ago. The organization was previously set up by Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Today, I have no idea who they are under but they still write scathing attacks on Malaysia. Previously, they republished an article by Harakah, attacking Tun Mahathir (click here for article)over his remarks on anwar. At that point, I feel that it was hypocrisy on their part as their views on anwar ibrahim is such:

By email
From: Mathaba DotNet  
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 12:54 AM

...As to the opposition. Just today I had a long conversation with one of Malaysia's top lawyers, and I must say, one of the best men in the world, from a personal and character point of view. I'm proud to say that his views and my own, regarding the opposition and situation in Malaysia, concur almost 100%. Even on this analysis of the sword incident.

Basically, let me explain a little. Anwar Ibrahim, and the NGO that is chasing the submarine issue etc, these have immense advantages over the government or indeed any other party. Do you think AI needs to think or make policies or decisions? No. He has an army of psychologists, propagandists, financiers, all behind him, all in America or wherever, sending him daily reports and funds, what to say, what to attack. His job is easy. It's smooth.

Strange, that's not the first journalist I read or heard of something like that, yet their publications support anwar in total. I guess even they had to obey their paymasters.

What is the strength of these funding? For most Malaysians, being Muslims and aware of the western oppression on Islam is good enough to make all to be careful of these western agendas. In theory, perhaps, but in reality, the funds have made its rounds and we can see how individuals change:

1) The so-called Bersih demonstrations have demonstrated how money, even a little, changes people. Pakatan brought in and paid rioters to run riot and destruction in a location, and at the same time, use them as news for the western media if ever the police take action. Of course, they were also paid to provoke the police into retaliating. It's a good strategy by NED and Open Society to fund this event to make it look as if Malaysia is under oppression.

2) This young man (as pictured) was paid to show his buttocks onto a picture of leaders, a symbol of expressing his dissatisfaction. He was also proud to show his buttocks to the public, which only goes to show the morality of himself. I am sure his parents taught him better. But he doesn't care, he is being paid with funds from other organizations of the one-eyed. Not to mention, those people who spent time stepping on the country leader's pictures. Of course, pay a little bit more, they have no problems stomping on their fathers and mothers.

3) To ensure the constant incoming of funds from their paymasters, pas is ever so ready to get rid anybody who stands for Islam. Hassan Ali was booted for standing up for Muslims, and next in line, maybe the under-fire Nasharuddin Mat Isa. It has always been interesting to see how scholars from pas' ulama faction like Nasharuddin have been discarded for empty vessels of the Erdogan faction like mat sapu, who basically has none of the religious knowledge not has any morality within himself. But pas needs the money, so to them, this has nothing to do with religion as I slam only serves as a factor for them to get votes.

Still on point 3, pas changed the most with the western/jewish funding. Among the 3 components of pakatan, pas has always been the poorest. In the past, their income usually comes from donation and some from the Tabung Memali. Now, their rallies are lavish and most of their leaders are well dressed, and now they struggle teeth and nails to preserve what they enjoy, even if it means sacrificing Islam from their basic fight. The ulama faction has been discarded like garbage in order to cater half-witted and Islamic knowledge lacking erdogan-backed leaders like mat sabu and mahfuz. The influx of former entertainers who lack religious knowledge taking place on their ceramah platforms seems like a move to replace the ulama faction. Any ulama in the world that makes any statement against pas, they will be slandered against. What have the funds turn pas into? Well, I guess the hadith below kinda reminds me of pas:

Dari Sahl bin Saad as-Saaidi r.a. berkata: Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda; "Ya Allah! Jangan kau temukan aku dan mudah-mudahan kamu (sahabat) tidak bertemu dengan suatu masa di mana para ulama sudah tidak diikut lagi, dan orang yang penyantun sudah tidak disegani lagi. Hati mereka seperti hati orang Ajam (pada fasiqnya), lidah mereka seperti lidah orang Arab (pada fasihnya)." (Riwayat Ahmad)

I guess for pas, it is easy to discard Islam in return for foreign funding. Why? Well, as I have written before, pas has never been Islamic, but we know that already. Islam is only a point they use to secure votes for themselves, or to scare people into voting them.

There's a catch, however. Remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. There are requirements that you need to fulfill to get these foreign funds. Of course, along with that, you'll get the aid of the western media who can twist and spin any issues to your advantage. We have seen, back during the west's designed Currency Crisis in the late 1990s, how Tun Mahathir pushed away IMF's offer of loans as the requirements, if met, will only stand to destroy the Malays' economy. The same factor is met here. What are the requirements? We don't know but from what anwar is campaigning for, we can guess what will be sacrificed:

1) Islam to be taken off from being the official religion of Malaysia. Organizations like the IFC will have a free hand where Muslims are free to apostate without interference from any religious departments.

2) Human rights equality will be imposed: no such thing as Malay Special Privileges. Malays will share equal rights to everybody, although the other races will never share their economic power and wealth with the Malays.

3) With Islam removed and equality imposed, the Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered organizations will also have their rights implemented.

So far, I wrote 3 elements that will be sacrificed. With the three main factors removed, one can only guess what the other things will be. For DAP, this will be good news: not only they win the second round of May 13th, the cheering crowd will be consisted of Muslims as well. They will also have a field day dismantling the Hak Istimewa Melayu and anything Islamic. Pas will just be an errand boy who is tasked with justifying their means and ends.

It feels good when you have organizations who can back you up financially, but they will never see how expensive it is to repay until it is too late. By the time they realize? Well, we'll be in the New World Order already, worshipping a one-eyed hybrid who claims himself god. To these organizations, funding groups like pakatan, sponsoring riots and chaos in the Muslim countries, arming Israel so that more Palestinians can be slaughtered is nothing to them as they have trillions of dollars in assets and hard cash. They don't mind "investing" in certain individuals or political groups, if it is sound and brings back good returns...although the returns do not have to be in cash, just domination" the New World Order. Once the country falls into their hands, with their puppets running the country under their thumb, their mission is complete.

Are we approaching the end of our independence?
To the participants of Bersih and the twits who were showing off their butt in public, I guess you are the proof of how strong the jewish sponsors are. Maybe the money is sweeter because you don't really have to work for it. To the Muslim Malays in pakatan, enjoy now because once pakatan is in power under the one-eyed organizations, you might just become beggars on your own land.
Pakatan had an open house in Alor Setar today, in conjunction with their Jajah Merdeka Malaysia tour. The turnout was not that good, except for the usual supporters from out-of-state. Why is that so? Do Kedahans like me refuse to go to events and eat food that is prepared by jewish sponsorship?

Do we still take our independence for granted?

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