Friday, December 7, 2012

Jewish Funds-Sponsored Kebangkitan Rakyat - More Mischief On Our Earth

It's big, it's huge, it's eye-popping and everybody's talking about it...yes, so many residents of Alor Setar are already figuring out where to go on Friday 7th of December 2012. The jewish-fund-sponsored Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat is coming, and if everything is just like what the pas leader at Taman Wira Mergong said is correct, there'll be queues and jams tomorrow as they are expecting a few thousand paid supporters from outside of Kedah. Why do I say that? Well, most of the pas members who lives in Taman Wira Mergong, which is less than 1km from the venue are probably leaving for Penang this morning to avoid the hassle. So much for that.

So, the program says that, apart from the less than enthusiastic Azizan, a Khawarij, a Communist and a jewish-sponsored butt-stabber will walk into a stadium...wait, that sounds like a beginning of a joke...never mind.

After 4 years, some of the residents of Alor Setar finally got to see the state government actually repairing certain roads since last week. Everybody thought that the repairs mean that the date for the 13th General Election was about to be announced, but it was worse. The roads were repaired because of the jewish-sponsored himpunan kebangkitan rakyat. But who cares? People were thanking the Federal government for the allocation given for road maintenance which pas finally uses instead of keeping it in their coffers.

So, what is it that we can expect from this already passe Himpunan Rakyat programs. By now, we already know that the thousands of supporters are the same paid people, given free ride and free lodging with food with specific duties of cheering, applauding and create any chaos, if necessary. The program has already been designed and created people who don't even live in Malaysia.

You can expect pas to talk about Islam, and still use it only to garner for votes. The socialist dap will definitely talk about equal rights and how "close to Islam" they are, despite that they have already been mossad-trained like pap. Anwar, well, knowing him, will be blowing hot air from his ass. Will they talk about the dangers facing the ummah in Malaysia? Never. What will be ironic will be, if dap talks about Lynas, while at the same time closing one-eye to the natural destruction of the Permanent Forest Reserve and Animal Sanctuary by pas...hey, they are agents of the one-eyed anyway. Will they talk about Palestine? Of course not, Hamas roasted pakatan's nuts when they actually came to Malaysia to personally thank UMNO and Malaysians for the efforts given to help them.

What is pas to gain from all of these anyway? They know that they have no chance of power if anwar and dap win. What, you think that pkr and dap's western puppet-masters will give the reins of power to pas? The only thing they will end up doing is to become pakatan's errant boys in justifying the means to allow LGBT in Malaysia and the demolition of Islamic influence.

For those who wonder what the might of jewish funds can do will be able to see for themselves the grandeur of what pakatan's jewish-masters provide from the same funds that they use to arm Israel, massacre Palestinians, butcher more Muslims and create chaos in Islamic countries. Check out anwar's million dollar bus, check out their big and expensive cars (if they don't hide them in some plantations)...well, just use your eyes. Anwar's bus sprayed by red paint? He claims it's UMNO's work, I say maybe it was funded by blood money...but, that's what I think, I don't know.

It's also quite good to have a lot of people from outside of is good. As the state government failed to improve the economy of the state, and making stupid investments that end up in huge debts, small traders will definitely benefit from the event. Everybody needs to eat and drink...unless they packed everything from KL. The event tomorrow can at least creak the wheels of the long stagnated economy around here.

So, if the pas leader was correct just now, there are places already earmarked by pas Kedah for buses carrying pas supporters from outside to park: 1) Inside the Masjid Zahir car park compound 2) In front of Balai Besar 3) The area next to Menara TM 4) Stadium Darul Aman (there's a fun-fair going on there) 5) Shahab Perdana Bus Terminal 6) Accross Wisma Darul Aman

If it is a true "Kebangkitan rakyat" why do you need to pack, pay and bring your own supporters from outside of Kedah? I wonder if they will be using the same terrorists (unit amal pas) as car park attendants again.

Azizan hates the three of them, hadi hates anwarm azizan and kit siang , anwar only wants to use all three of them while kit siang hates the Muslims and Malays. Hmm...
Seriously, how do pakatan justify a "people's uprising" by using jewish funds and need the west to design the program for them? How can you say it's for the people when pakatan is doing it for their one-eyed master?

Anyway, how do you expect the public will react when they are deceived by a hugely divided team: anwar wants to be PM, dap wants to get rid of anwar and pas to rule Malaysia as part of Singapore and the khawarij pas, while pretending to be Islamic, wants to rule Malaysia despite not having a single chance with anwar and dap. Worse, they are in a state where the MB is anti Anwar, hated by hadi and loathes the socialist dap. Seriously, Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat is a joke, funded by those who cause mischief on earth.

Get ready, I have a strange feeling it will be almost the same like during the Himpunan Hijau Putrajaya last time: 3/4 of the supporters who came speak with east coast dialects.

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  1. Bapak3...i don't think they knew about what others people wrote about who's behind Perhimpunan Rakyat..If they heard and read your article and others, they will said...'Well! Here it is...The propaganda made by UMNO members...There is no sponsor from Jewish..There is no any hidden strategies or what else..Pakatan Rakyat is the best goverment to replace BN. LGBT, Jewish and exatra2 were rubbish talk by them..' Yet..when power are Kedah after PAS took over. They said 'rubbish talk' but here in Kedah..PAS is the true rubbish!


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