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Enemies At the Gate: dap's Frustrated Attacks On Syed Mokhtar

It has been a nice break. I was quite pleased when finally the facts about jewish sponsorship to anwar and his pakatan bandits have finally been exposed in a mainstream way, despite not being something new. After my last article, I was predicting that anwar and his pakatan will resort to more desperate measures as more and more of their scheming conspiracy are peeled off. But more on that later on...

The previous few months saw the chauvenistic and racist DAP piling up their attack on the Malay tycoon, Tan Seri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary. Their vengeful campaign against Gardenia bread, their non-stop complaints when the tycoon succesfully took over Proton, the plot to shake up Tradewinds over the amount of contribution to the Al-Bukhary International University, and now, Penang Port. Here's an interesting article on it:


TINDAKAN DAP yang "menyerang" Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari sudah bermula sejak beberapa bulan lalu apabila tokoh korporat Melayu itu dikatakan bakal mengambil alih pengurusan Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang. Serangan tersebut berterusan kini sehingga soal hutang yang dimiliki oleh Syed Mohktar pula dipersoalkan.

Ekoran itu, blog MyKMU ( mempersoalkan tindakan parti itu terutama Tony Pua yang terus mendesak kerajaan mendedahkan hutang tokoh korporat itu sedangkan tidak pula mempersoalkan hutang-hutang yang ditanggung oleh tokoh perniagaan bukan Melayu.

"Persoalannya, siapa Tony Pua untuk mempersoalkan tentang perniagaan milik persendirian? Mengapa Tony Pua mendesak akaun perniagaan Syed Mokhtar didedahkan di khalayak ramai?" katanya.

Katanya, serangan terhadap tokoh korporat Melayu itu dipercayai kerana DAP bimbang berhubung pengambilalihan Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang yang kini dikuasai oleh ahli perniagaan Cina yang banyak menyalurkan dana untuk parti berkenaan.

Tindakan DAP yang menyerang Syed Mokhtar juga tidak disenangi blog Penyokong Pas (

Katanya, langkah DAP yang secara menggila menyerang tokoh korporat itu boleh menimbulkan rasa tidak selesa bagi orang Melayu baik kalangan Pas mahupun UMNO.

Katanya, kenapa DAP hanya mempersoalkan hutang Syed Mokhtar sedangkan kenyataannya hutang terbesar di kalangan korporat di negara ini ditanggung oleh tokoh perniagaan Cina.

DAP bantai syarikat Melayu tapi syarikat Cina dia tak bising. Melayu dapat projek DAP balun. Cina dapat projek? Senyap? Apa punya game (permainan) politik ni?

Sebab itu ana kata, DAP ini masih belum hilang anti-Melayunya. Masih buat perangai lama. Suruh kita transform jadi parti yang terbuka tapi mereka masih lagi pegang politik zaman lama," katanya.

Artikel penih disini

What is it about Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary that seem to rile dap up? The fact that he seems to be succesful in acquiring projects in Malaysia? Or are they doing this to avenge the soreness and humiliation felt by their fatherland?

As I have written before, Syed Mokhtar's Port of Tanjung Pelepas slapped a major dent on Singapore's entreport business and status. Well, at first, our neighbors laughed when Syed Mokhtar was building the port in a swampy area, but after a few significant shipping and logistics company running off to Port of Tanjung Pelepas, the laughter ceased. Until today, Port of Tanjung Pelepas stands as the major seaport that made Singapore squeal. It's not that they ever got over the fact that Syed Mokhtar swooped MPH Group Ltd from Singapore in one swift move. Now that smarts for Singapore.

It's a plain strategy at the moment; to destroy a man who is well known they will destroy his name first. It is quite strange to see how, in Kedah, the pas government distributes sugar (labeled Gula Padang Terap) to certain poor people of their choice and at the same time labels Syed Mokhtar as an UMNO crony. This, after they requested free sugar from Syed Mokhtar and he contributes them as charity. Worse among all, pas even distorted facts about the Al-Bukhary Complex in order to justify their means and ends to take the waqf land, destroy Madrasah Salihiah for the purpose of building a sewage treatment area for a new shopping complex. How one-eyed can these impostors of religion be?

I guess the Malays have always been a patient group: they can only stand and watch Malay sundry shops close down with the advent of Chinese Association-sponsored chinese grocery shops in the early 20th century. They have seen how their economic power was driven down by the chinese and every attempt to improve their economic situation like the New Economic Policy was always protested by dap. Dap always wanted equality, but plays dumb when Malays talk about economic and wealth equality. Then again, we are talking about a racist socialist party, the dap.

I have to agree with the pro-pas blogger (Penyokong Pas) who commented on why Tony Pua wanted only the revelation on Syed Mokhtar's companies' debts. Yes, why not YTL or some other Chinese huge corporations? Many of them have huge number of companies and subsidiaries, along with huge debts, but why only Syed Mokhtar? What, angry that Penang Port did not go into their hands, or just following orders from fatherland? To what extent will dap go to tarnish Syed Mokhtar, along with some other Malay tycoons that they feel threatened with? Yes, I did hear that dap is upset with Mydin as well...

The fact that Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar never bothered nor spend any time to be involved in dap's rantings seem to infuriate dap further. We have always known Syed Mokhtar as keeping himself low-profile, never the one to bask himself in anything. One can almost hear dap gnashing their teeth in frustration.

Dap will always remain a racist party, despite hiding behind their socialist ideology. How far would this go? Maybe forever, even after they hand Malaysia over to Singapore after they win the elections. Then they will have their way: 100% economic power and zero equality to Malays, or maybe they might just throw us scraps.

Wait...where is pas on this issue? We know that a pas blogger has voiced out his dissatisfaction over this issue, but what about those pas leaders? Why aren't they defending their fellow Muslim? Then again, I am never surprised: pas has always kept a distance from the Syeds for a very long time. It almost feels like pas has an inferiority complex when they hang around the Syed families. Like an elder in the Syed family once said, "Pas cannot scare the Syeds with religion, because we always have a strong hold to our belief." Pas usually consider it a major coup when they have Syeds as their followers but works so hard to ensure that no Syeds can ever be a leader in Pas. Surprising? Not really, the Syeds have experienced that during the Umayyads and Abassids in the past.

We would love to ask anwar, but he's leaving on a jet plane, don't know when he'll be back again.

Dap remains the enemy of Islam and the Malays. It is not surprising that Ulamas have declared it Haram to support them. Now that dap, along with the whole one-eyedpakatan, are receiving jewish-sponsorship, I guess it is more Haram than ever.

Well, I'm off for tea. I'm having tuna sandwich using Gardenia bread, with tea sweetened by sugar from Gula Padang Terap.

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  1. Salam bro. Surely those rasis kiasu will do anything in their power to bring down any successful Muslim who will be able to help other Muslims in need.


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