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Madrasah Salihian: PIS' Dressing Up Act Gets A Dressing Down

When they announced the redevelopment of the Tengku Yaakob Plaza, everybody was quite pleased to see that finally the 35+ year old abandoned project has finally given a new light, albeit with a developer whose credentials are quite well known in Penang which drove him here. The developer has vowed to create the plaza as "The O)rchard Road" of Alor Setar...hopefully without the transexuals...

Where is the actual project? Here's a google satellite image to further illustrate:

1) The area marked in yellow is the land belonging to Tengku Yaakob.

2) The area marked in light blue is the area taken over by the developer and PKNK to develop as part of the shopping complex

3) The red dot marks the location of Madrasah Salihiah

It's quite strange to see that the original complex has nothing to do with the areas outside of Tengku Yaakob's original plan. Still, whatever it is, PIS is very determined to demolish the 102 year old Madrasah Salihiah. In fact, their exco, Ghani has given the excuses on why. Most of what he said are rhetoric and formulaic, but I find these statement quite boggling. Here are the excerpts:

Exco perjelas isu madrasah (Click here for the full article)
Tarikh : January 1, 2012


“Masjid Alor Malai pernah dirobohkan untuk bangunkan kompleks Al-Bukhari, yang menempatkan kompleks perniagaan. Sebuah masjid baru dibina bukan atas tapak lama, tetapi di lokasi lain dengan kaedah istibdal, sama seperti kaedah Madrasah Salihiah,” katanya.

Menurutnya, ianya tidak dijadikan isu kerana ketika itu Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) memerintah, dan Pas selaku pembangkang tahu hukum hakam dan tidak membantah.

This statement really caught my attention: “Masjid Alor Malai pernah dirobohkan untuk bangunkan kompleks Al-Bukhari, yang menempatkan kompleks perniagaan. Sebuah masjid baru dibina bukan atas tapak lama, tetapi di lokasi lain dengan kaedah istibdal, sama seperti kaedah Madrasah Salihiah,” katanya.

As usual, pas tries to justify its means by relating the issue to something which sounds similar but not even close to being the same. For this, allow me to illustrate with the picture below:

Above is a satellite image of Kompleks, mahfuz, looking at a satellite image DOES not make you an ANGKASA-1!!!

Circled in white is the actual site of Masjid Alor Malai. The land was made waqf by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar's grandfather, with the niat for an Islamic worshiping place, in short, a surau or a mosque. The waqf land is the mosque a part of the surrounding Islamic cemetery, and that's it. The claim by Ghani stating that a building for commercial activity (shopping complex) was never built on the waqf land. Souq Al-Bukhary is built on a patch of land which was once a wet market, bought by Yayasan Al-Bukhary from the former Majlis Perbadaran Kota Setar. In short, it was already a place of commercial activity, enhanced by Yayasan to be a bigger and more prominent business complex. You can find Giant, Bank Muamalat, DRB-Hicom and retail outlets there.

The Kompleks Al-Bukhary consists of the Al-Bukhary Mosque, administration complex, an orphanage dormitory and the Al-Bukhary International University, and these too, are not built on the waqf land. The complex, the mosque and the university is not connected to the shopping complex either.

There is no business activity at the complex, so how can an Exco for Kedah State Government cannot recognize the difference between the mosque, the complex and the souq? Or is it really he couldn't recognize. So, is this another one of pis' method of informing people by misinforming them? Or is this another one of pis' "menghalalkan cara?" Or maybe pas just had to keep the money?

By the way, if the surau is replaced as a seperate building, why demolish it in the first place? If the new shopping center is as shown, where will the surau be? Basement? Or is it in the parking bay? Don't you think religious activities other than praying with the congregation be affected? Will there be any teenagers joining the congregation with all those shopping mall activities going on? If there are musical events there, will it affect the religious activities there? I thought PIS always promote religious events, but maybe the next tilawah will be organized by pas in a karaoke lounge, next to the cocktail bar.

By the way, Ghani said that those who came to protest are from Taman Wira Mergong. Does he know that a number of descendants of the man who left the waqf land actually live there? But as an exco, I don't think he spends his time researching.

The Kompleks Al-Bukhary and Souq Al-Bukhary were never an issue. It is true that it was done in the istibdal way, where the old Alor Malai mosque was demolished so that a bigger, Al-Bukhary mosque was built but, no part of the complex and the shopping bazaar/souq were ever built on the waqf land. To PIS (Party Islam Se-Malaysia), never ever justify your wrongdoings with issues that never were. Stop blinding people in one eye, that is just un-Islamic...but then again, whoever said that PIS was Islamic ever? All we know now is that, the PIS-sed off Parti Islam Se-Malaysia Kedah is getting PIS-sed on.

Where is that Imam Mahadi of Permatang Pauh with his bent sword? Is he coming to serve justice by ramming his sword into people's...err..back?

Hey look, the New World Order is coming...


  1. bapak 3 can u identify the location of the church located?????

    state GOV said that The location of the church did not involve with the project????

  2. Soalan:
    Tidak pernah berlaku dalam sejarah negeri Kedah, Rumah Allah (masjid atau surau) diroboh untuk sebuah shopping complex.

    Jawapan Kerajaan Negeri: (PENIPUAN!!!)
    Tidak benar. Masjid Alor Malai pernah diroboh untuk pembangunan menyeluruh Kompleks Al-Bukhari yang juga dibangunkan kompleks perniagaan di situ (antaranya Pasaraya Giant). Sebuah masjid baru dibina, bukan di atas tapak masjid lama tetapi dilokasi lain menggunakan kaedah Istibdal, sama seperti kaedah yang digunakan terhadap tanah wakaf Madrasah Salihiah. Ia tidak menjadi isu kerana pihak pembangkang pada masa itu (PAS) tahu hukum hakam, menghormati institusi ulamak dan tidak membantah membuta tuli. Sekarang isu Salihiah menjadi ‘panas’ kerana pihak pembangkang kini merasa ‘terlebih pandai’ dari para ulamak yang ada dalam Majlis Fatwa Negeri Kedah.

    Itu Jawapan Kerajaan Negeri Pas yang Munafik tu!!

    Mari dengar jawapan "alternative" pulak!

    Bagi orang luar yang tak tau perihal Kedah dan cerita yang sebenar, memang la akan telan jawapan depa ni bulat-bulat.

    Tapi bagi penduduk tetap Kampung Dato Murad, Taman PKNK dan kawasan Alor Malai. Jawapan kerajaan negeri tu satu pembohongan!

    Masjid Al-Bukhari..

    Masjid Alor Malai yang bersebelahannya kubur tu, memang tanah wakaf, dan dirobohkan. tapi Masjid Besar Al-Bukhari yang dibina, tetap berada di atas tanah wakaf! Malahan kubur pun di pindah dan di susun rapi dalam kawasan Masjid (masih dalam tanah wakaf). Maknanya 'jariah' masih lagi bersambung kerana dari Masjid kecil, menjadi masjid besar. Kita masih lagi bersembahyang di atas tanah yang diwakafkan.

    Shopping Kompleks Giant yang Pas Kedah kata tu sebenarnya di bina di atas tanah PASAR!! Pasar Kampung Datuk Murad!! Tapak Pasar Ramadhan! Jadi apa yang samanya?

    Projek Al-Bukhari tu membina sebuah Masjid Besar, Sekolah Agama serta Rumah Anak Yatim.

    Pembinaan dari masjid kecil, menjadi masjid besar. Itu kan bagus.

    Sedangkan projek Aman Central ni pulak, nak buat Apartment mewah serta Shopping Kompleks. Surau yang dijanjikan pula mungkin hanya sebesar TANDAS AWAM kot.

    Jadi kes Madrasah Salihiah ni, langsung tak sama dengan kes Masjid Alor Malai. Pas Kedah tolong la jangan jadi Munafik!! Islam ka apa ni? Macam ni ka cara orang Islam? Dok kerja pembelit nak rampas hak orang?

  3. PAS ni makin lama semakin bodoh.
    Macam mana nak menang pilihanraya?
    Orang Melayu bukan semuanya bodoh sangat yg tak boleh menilai tindak tanduk PAS.
    Kecuali jika Melayu mudah lupa ....

  4. Salam Living Seed, the church is located directly behind Putra Medical Center, and it is not part of the development plan, which is strange because the chinese food stalls across from it will be demolished for phase 2 of the development.

    We can see that pas tried to downplay the land issue by condemning the surau that stands there. The question remains that pas is trying to build a shopping complex on waqf land meant for surau/madrasah. Their diversion tactic backfired because Kedahans know more about the Al-Bukhary project. Ada orang kata, pas kedah pun tahu, but the project was compared to Al-Bukhary to mislead the people and cover up their wrongdoings.

  5. gereja itu telah sengaja dikecualikan...di awal2 peringkat membuat pelan aman sentral..sebab yang buat pelan adalah pemaju belleview group...kumpulan cina kristianyahudi di jalanburmah pulau pinang.....mereka ni kristian...jadi islam akanjadi mangsa...memang haram jadah lah pemaju ni...yang pknk dan bdb tu ..haram jadah jugak..sebab tali barut orang islam..atas nama..duit duit duit

  6. lagipun sapa yang boleh beli apartment mewah tu pun. cina penang gak. derang memang xnak madrasah tu kat situ. x selesa time azan. PIS ni byk gadai tanah melayu bagi kafir. ni bukan kali pertama. ni ada lagi kes lain.

    ntah brp byk lagi dah kena gadai. aku x pilih side, tp skrg dah sgt jelas yg PIS ni corrupted


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