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Prologues From An Epic War In A Malay Galaxy

Episode I - The Wanton Menace

The last days of the Japanese occupation saw the management of Tanah Melayu becoming chaotic. Despite their atrocities, the Japanese were kind to the native Malays in comparison to their own immigrant cousin from the north, the communists. Under the guise of MPAJA, the British had provided arms, strategy and funding to the communists to fight off the Japanese. Little did the British know (or really?) that this will lead to the biggest liability the nation had to face.

Being Malays, they have always been a race that welcomed everybody, and they never had much choice over the Japanese as much as they had no choice over the British pillagers. Being treated kinder than the Chinese, and given the chance to work in the administration, little do the Malays know that their activities were being monitored by the immigrant race who has long supported the communists.

The withdrawal of the Japanese promises a new hope for the Malays to start their own governance, but MPAJA declared themselves as saviors and try to claim Tanah Melayu as a Chinese communist state. In a show of force, the communists attacked, slaughtered and massacred Malays in Sungai Manik under the pretense of "eliminating Japanese agents". But many knew that it was an act of revenge on the Malays who the communists have always failed to influence into joining their movement, despite all their attempts. The failure in recruiting Malays into joining or supporting the communists by Mail Rudo, the communist agent, led them to harsher methods.

Episode II - Attack That Has Flown...

Those were dark days for the Malays of Sungai Manik, They were arrested and tortured, slaughtered, shot, stuffed in a sack while still alive and thrown into the river, if not not skewered and beheaded.

To the horror of the communists, the Malays and Muslims were united against them, led mainly by the Malay Banjars of the area. A holy war, Perang Sabil was declared against the godless tribes, and this holy war gave the communists a level or horror they have never seen before. The communists found their Malay agent, dead and limbless, and in many areas, they were defeated by a poorly-armed but very determined assault by the people who they have long regarded as uncivilized savages. Reports of flying machetes or parang terrified these guerrillas beyond means. It was a war communists could never win: Muslims believe in being martyrs for Islam and rewarded in the afterlife, while communists who never believe in the afterlife want to enjoy whatever they can get in this world.

By 1960, the Sabil War against the communists was over. The guerrillas, despite being well armed and funded, were humiliated by the people they regarded as "village monkeys".

Episode III - Revenge of the Filth

50 years have passed since the victorious battle. The communists no longer carry on their fight in the jungle. They have now moved to urban areas under the guise of democracy and human rights. Their attempt at an urban assault failed miserably on May 13th 1969 when the Malays who they thought have split, again united against them, leaving a trail of the northern tribe lying on the road, and the flying machetes returned with a horrendous effect.

Their battle of ideology was taken to a new level with the unification of the dark lords, namely Pakatan Rakyat. Thanks to their Supreme Pet, anwar and those in pas, the Malays are now split beyond repair, and many abandoned their religion and race, replacing them with politics.

Into this, the communists threw a new weapon into the fray: a young Malay Muslim lady to stand as a communist candidate in Telok Intan, about 5km from the historical battle of Sungai Manik. Instead of a full front assault on the Malays, this time, they attacked from inside, knowing that the Malays could never recover, ensuring the extinction of Malay and Muslim domination.

The communists believe that she is the chosen one: the one who will bring balance to their heretic principles and will be an excellent example to show how good a Malay is when she serves the communists instead of being the rulers.

With the Malays in tatters and the northern tribe standing firm with the communists, the lady won with a good majority. With the victory, she was paraded through all the Malay areas as a symbol of what a good Muslim should be, while the Malays fall further into a sinkhole, making way for the communists to snatch away the Malay Lands. The revenge is complete, the nation is theirs, the race that humiliated them extinct, and the religion that united them, kicked out. It was a revenge that is sweet as wine: it's sweeter with age. As for the lady, she was given a warm welcome when they took power, and when their power becomes ultimate, she was thrown out with the rest of the garbage.

Coming Soon: Episode IV - A New Hope For A New Land For Malays...

For reference on Sungai Manik, click here
For references on Perang Sabil, click here and here


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